Best Steak

• Encino • Valencia  (Woodland Hills CA coming soon)

• Simi Valley  (Oxnard CA & Henderson NV coming soon)

The Story of Larsen's Steak

Traditional quality steakhouses serve mostly USDA Prime corn-fed beef. A few premier steakhouses dry age their beef on premise for up to twenty-one days. Larsen’s does better. Larsen’s Steakhouse requires four to six weeks of aging in a unique, large facility, providing a special sanitized environment. Only a fraction of beef is dry aged well. That’s why Larsen’s requires a highly skilled butcher to be at the location at all times to monitor airflow, temperature, and humidity. During dry aging, the prime meats’ natural enzymes act as soothing tenderizers. At the same time, moisture evaporation improves the supple texture and hearty taste of the meat, making it richer and more buttery. Dry aging continues until a thin coating develops on the meat surface. This coating seals in flavor and juice, and is later trimmed off.

Larsen’s then wet ages its beef for another arduous fourteen days, preserving its flavor of highly marbled, prime grade meat, from exceptional cattle breed. This process is a respected, time-honored technique of preparing high quality beef. It ensures that our guests enjoy the best steak they’ve ever had.

Furthermore, our diligent method of preparation includes slowly searing the meat in its own natural juices at 500 degrees, rather than blast cooking it at 1700 degrees like most steakeries. Why rush your steak? We cook it slower, making it the best steak possible. No exceptions.

Thank you for joining us,

Flemming Larsen